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High Temperature Insulation Jackets

High insulation jacketClarkston Services offer a wide range of high temperature bespoke insulation jackets for use in many industrial applications e.g. exhaust systems like turbos, silencers, heat exchangers and pipe work etc.

In general the jackets are made to withstand continuous temperatures up to 600ºC, although we can use specialist materials to withstand temperatures up to 1000ºC.

The jackets are used across a variety of industries, these include:

Personnel protection

High insulation jacketOur insulation jackets offer a high level of personnel protection by reducing the hot face temperatures and therefore minimizing the possibility of injury due to contact with exposed equipment or pipework.

Our high temperature jackets can be manufactured to suit any given specific configuration of equipment.

The jackets generally have 3 layers of high quality material:

They are installed using stainless steel hooks and lacing wire to ensure a secure and neat fit.

Covers can be made waterproof or oil resistant depending on application

Our technical team will advise which mix of materials is best suited for your specific requirements.