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Mobility Scooter Canopies

mobility scooter coverAt Clarkston Services we produce a range of mobility scooter canopies that provides all weather protection for the occupant. (Note: the frame is not supplied with the canopy.)

Canopies provide a number of benefits for a Mobility Scooter owner. First it protects the owner from the rain, secondly it reduces the effect of the cold wind when driving (note: in high winds it is not advisable to use the mobility scooter with canopy). Remember that the wind effect is much greater if driving at 3-4 miles per hour.

Great value

A canopy can be added relatively cheaply to most medium and large mobility scooter frames and will allow the scooters to be used in most weather conditions giving the user a level of comfort and flexibility.

Our canopy doors open and close in an “arc” which follows the natural movement of the arm. The rear of the canopy is cut out to allow the rear lights to be seen easily and to give access to under the seat attachment points for stick holders, oxygen bottles etc. All windscreens have clear PVC that allows the front lights to be seen and the driver can see the pavement edges easily all round.

The canopies are made from hard wearing PVC coated polyester and come in Blue, Green, red, yellow and light grey.

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Splash Scooter Control Panel Cover

https://clients.fuzzylime.co.uk/clarkston.services/contact/This wrap-around control panel cover prevents rain from getting into your scooter controls.

The cover is a universal fit for most styles of scooters which protects the electronics whilst enabling you to maintain full control of the scooters handles and brakes. A simple but effective solution!

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