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Valve covers

Valve coverThermal Insulation covers for valves, flanges, strainers, filters and many other types of plant equipment offer significant energy and cost savings.

Reducing Heat emissions means saving money as well as protecting the environment. We at Clarkston Services understand both of these issues are a concern for businesses and we pride ourselves that we can provide cost effective solutions. We can help you to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and so fulfil your corporate responsibility.

Clarkston Services offers flexible, reusable thermal insulation covers for valves, flanges and other plant fittings. The covers wrap around plant equipment, so that no heat is wasted. The result is a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs.

Save money

As the price of energy continues to increase efficient thermal insulation is an essential requirement to reduce running costs and CO2 emissions.

Thermal insulation covers help prevent heat energy from radiating away from your equipment.

Clarkston Services covers will lower your energy bills and with a typical payback period of 16 weeks you will start seeing savings quickly.

Typical annual savings of a valve cover

Valve inlet graphic

Typical payback time for insulated valve cover = on average 16 weeks. Typical heat losses and saving for 4” valve at 200ºC, 8760 hours running and 40mm insulation.

Heat loss comparison graphic

A bare flange is equivalent to ½ a metre of un-insulated pipe of the same bore. A screwed valve is the equivalent to 1 metre, a flanged valve is equivalent to 2 metres.

Prevent heating areas that don’t require to be e.g. plant rooms, crawl spaces etc , where excess heat is not desirable. Thermal insulation covers will help keep the heat in the valves and pipes, thus not costing you to heat areas that are not required and making these areas more comfortable to work in.

Thermal images of covered and non-covered valves

Heat loss graphic

Thermal Images of a Valve without insulation (the light areas showing high heat loss and dark areas low heat loss), and with insulation

Clarkston Services thermal insulation covers are made of the highest quality materials:

Valve coverThis results in a high-quality durable thermal cover that is held securely in place but can easily be removed for the serving of plant equipment if required.

Valve and pipe insulation benefits

Tax incentive

Our insulation covers qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA), a government scheme that provides a tax incentive for organizations to invest in energy-saving equipment.